Briefly Helsinki reported from St.Petersburg

I’m not going to tell the story behind the pictures just yet…. I’ll write it soon. I promise and I promise you’ll love Helsinki as much as I do.


Chez Dominique

Hotel Kamp

Helsinki's Philharmonic Orchestra

He almost never smile when taking his picture... Just need to post this

Masquerade party at Mecca

After Mecca we went to Yliopistonkatu's Arctic Ice Bar!!! Vodka people!

Came here just for Perrier LOL

Real breakfast at Nokka.. Cool place

Lutheran Church

A small stop at Grotesk :) Before checking out and continue to lunch

Loft restaurant, Helsinki

No wonder why it calls "Devil's Food"

Kiasma, the new museum of Contemporary Art designed by Steven Holl (US architect)

Finlandia Hall

Suomenlinna - Sveaborg Fortress




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Stockholm Syndrome

Stepped down from the train, I’ve thought to myself “I’m going to eat the crispy anchovy and walk around Stockholm – so I could spend as much time here as I expected to” But then Christ said “Let’s go dine somewhere nice today, I’ve made the reservation for us already – You deserve something great after a long ride” Unexpectedly, he made the reservation? Never love his accent more LOL

So for the breakfast at Stockholm, we were having an “island breakfast” at “Fjaderholmarnas Krog” – this place is on the deck beside the water. Christ told me he made the reservation since we’re in Narvik – the place needs to book in advance. When I arrived there I totally understood why this place is always fully booked. The view is incredible. We had wine in the morning with the breakfast that seems more like lunch; we are tired and hungry so ‘no ordinary breakfast for us’ – needed something huge and I don’t have any problem with alcohol in the morning (even though it was 8)

After we’d finished the incredible breakfast we go for the sweets – I love sweets …. and the sweets in Sweden is totally awesome. The first stop is the shop calls “Cupcake Sthlm” or we can easily call it Cupcake Stockholm – the cupcakes looks gorgeous I bought it along with me too; this will be very reasonable for the trip to Helsinki, don’t you think? (my accompany doesn’t seem to agree) It is lucky for me to have a great metabolism – I love to eat … it maybe because I eat a lot and walk a lot – eat all day and walk all day – that’s my motto.

We’re in the Old Town of which is stunning and I want to photograph every single building and alley. We’ve found a really nice menswear shop calls “Kocksgatan 17 Herrekipering” and I sneak in to buy Christian something nice as a thank you gift while he’s smoking outside. After that we went to other bakery shop, Satunus, there are lots of great looking bread I bought it back with me too (but I don’t think I’m going to eat them anytime soon) They also have a really great looking sandwiches according to what I saw on other customers’ table. Not too far from there (I honestly don’t know how far because I was like running around with excitement) There’s a french bakery shop call Petite France – their stuff looks cute and delicious.

Then at noon, Christian took me to lunch at a very stylish place calls “Operakallaren” and again we drink (the whole trip with Christ is more like having alcohol drinks … wine, champaign, beer, vodka -I love it) The lunch is extravagantly GREAT!!!

After lunch we went to the Central station to take some pictures before we took off to Helsinki. The place is absolutely beautiful I think I really haven’t take time to get to know Stockholm as much as I want – and this is the lesson learned for me “never deadlined the time for travel and focus more at one place” For me this trip to Stockholm is like a date (I secretly hope it is)… but I really don’t know what’s going to happen next. We have to wait and see, aren’t we?

See you again soon!!!

Island Breakfast

moved outside for dessert

view from the deck

Have to go now!!! I’ll post more picture from Stockholm soon

Bye !

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Soon we’ll get there

Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine. – Patti Smith

It is almost noon, that’s mean it is soon for us to go to Stockholm. I think I will come back here again because I think I missed out a lot of fun activities and I had a really beautiful memories here too :) There’s a 9 Days cruising package that I think I should go for because I always want to see the real-life whale. There’s nothing for me to say much right here but I like Narvik it is a great place to come. I still digs the Northern Light … and lots of reasons for me to come back beside skiing. I’m really excite with the train trip that I’ll take to Stockholm but unfortunately we got to stay there for hours not days because I wanted to spend my time in Moscow more (I love it there)

The breakfast this morning is alright, too many sandwiches though. The cakes are great and they still give us champagne because Christ lied to them that we’re honeymoon couple – that’s why we’ve got lots of free stuff and had really been taken care of.

Here’s some more pictures before getting on the train, see you again soon!

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